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By | 26 December 2020

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update


Foundation Licence
Intermediate Licence
Advanced Licence

1st September 2020. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and continuing closure of our base at All Saints House, all training and exams have had to be cancelled until further notice.

Further details are below.

4th September 2020. For the latest information on remote invigilation exams (including the availability of online Advanced exam) and online training, the Student Information section of the RSGB website has recently been updated. Click here to view.

Amateur Radio Licence Training Courses and Exams…

Foundation Licence
The 44th LEFARS FL course, assessments and exam planned for 2nd/3rd May has had to be postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is possible to take the Foundation Exam online, and with remote invigilation, during the COVID-19 lockdown. Further details in “Essential Reading…” in column 2.

All enquiries to David Priest on 07850 120180 or email

Intermediate Licence
The IL Assessment is no longer required and the course and exam, planned for Saturday’s 21st November 2020, have been cancelled.. Note that The Intermediate exam can be taken online via the RSGB and with remote invigilation.

All enquiries to David Priest on 07850 120180 or email

Advanced Licence
LEFARS have staged AL exams on demand of its members. Due to closure of the LEFARS base, and COVID-19 restrictions, no exam dates are planned for the next few months.

Note that the Advanced Licence exam is now available online (with remote invigilation) from the RSGB. Further details here and here

Click here to enquire about any of the above licence training courses or exams.

March 2020 Intermediate Licence Assessment Course/Exam and Advanced Exam …
Congratulations to Jon Benison , Marcello Criscione M7CJC (IT9CJC/K6CJC), David Honess M6DNT and Rakesh Pawaroo M7RJP for passing their Intermediate exam on Saturday 14th March at All Saints House in Chigwell. This followed an Intermediate Assessment course, the second with the new 2019 Syllabus, led by John Ray G8DZH and with assistance from Ron White G6LTT and Derek Copsey M0XDC.

After the Intermediate exam and a break, Marcello and Rakesh then took their advanced exam. Rakesh Pawaroo is now M0RXP. Marcello Criscione adds M0KBY to his collection of Advanced callsigns (IT9CJC/K6CJC). Thanks to Ron G6LTT as lead exam invigilator and with the help of Merlin Fox M0MFX and David Priest M0VID who also invigilated.

Refreshments were provided by Dave Corner G3ZXF who also assisted with the administration for both exams.

January 2020 Foundation Licence Assessment Course and Exam…
LEFARS ran their 43rd Foundation Licence Course with exam at All Saints House, Chigwell for five candidates over the weekend of 25th/26th January 2020. This was the second Foundation course under the new September 2019 Syllabus.

Congratulations to Jon Benison, Tracey Bulmer, Marcello Chriscione M7CJC (IT9CJC/K6CJC), Daniel Hadfield and Rakesh Pawaroo who have indicatively passed (all with high marks) their Foundation exam which followed the course on Sunday afternoon.

The Lead Instructor was John Mulye G0VEH, assisted by John Ray G8DZH, John Short G1DJI and Ron White G6LTT. Thanks also to Dave (the tea) Corner G3ZXF and Merlin Fox M0MFX who assisted with the practical assessments. Dave De La Haye M0MBD also provided support. Dave G3ZXF was the lead invigilator and tea maker.

Running concurrently with the Foundation exam, Simon Donnellan 2E0SII, now M0XSI took the Advanced exam.

Photos can be seen here

December 2019 Intermediate Licence Assessment Course and Exam…
Congratulations to Simon Donnellan M7OOL, now 2E0SII, for passing his Intermediate Licence exam after self-study and completing the first 2019 Syllabus Intermediate Assessment Course held by LEFARS at an alternative venue (Waltham Forest Sea Cadets, London E4) on Saturday 14th December 2019.

The course was led by John Ray G8DZH with assistance from Derek Copsey M0XDC and Ron White G6LTT. Lead Invigilator was Ron White G6LTT. Tea maker and second invigilator was Dave Corner G3ZXF

October 2019 Foundation Licence training Course and Exam…
Congratulations to Charles Chowdhury-Hanscombe M7CCH, Simon Donnellan M7OOL, Luce Newman-Williams M7CXC and Chris Loizou M7CHL for passing their 2019 Foundation Licence exam after completing the first 2019 syllabus weekend Foundation course held by LEFARS at All Saints House, Chigwell on 5th/6th October 2019.

The course was led by John Mulye G0VEH with instructors John Ray G8DZH, John Short G1DJI, Ron White G6LTT and Marc Litchman G0TOC plus assistance from Derek Copsey M0XDC and Dave de la Haye M0MBD. Lead invigilator and tea maker was Dave Corner G3ZXF.

This was one of the first weekend courses to run with the new 2019 Foundation licence syllabus

Photos can be seen here.