Meet the Committee

By | 22 December 2020

2020/21 Committee
Richard Clark, G4DDP; David Cutts, MØTAZ; Merlin Fox, MØMFX; David Priest, MØVID; John Short, G1DJI; George Smart, M1GEO.

The AGM finished at 20:12. Update 16th November 2020. A-Zoom committee meeting was held on 16th November to determine roles for the new committee.

Richard Clark, G4DDP Chairman, QSL Manager, Club log keeper, Awards Manager
David Cutts, MØTAZ LEFARS Web Designer (supported by George M1GEO)
Merlin Fox, MØMFX Training Manager, Newsletter Editor
John Ray G8DZH Public Relations Officer (non-committee)
David Priest, MØVID Secretary & Exam Secretary
John Short, G1DJI Treasurer & Membership Secretary
George Smart, M1GEO Technical Manager