Meet the Committee

By | 22 December 2020

2020/21 Committee
Richard Clark, G4DDP; David Cutts, MØTAZ; Merlin Fox, MØMFX; Dave De La Haye, MØMBD; David Priest, MØVID; John Short, G1DJI; George Smart, M1GEO.

The AGM finished at 20:12. Update 16th November 2020. A Zoom committee meeting was held on 16th November to determine roles for the new committee.

Richard Clark, G4DDP Chairman, QSL Manager & Club log keeper
David Cutts, MØTAZ LEFARS Web Designer (supported by George M1GEO)
Merlin Fox, MØMFX Training Manager
Dave De La Haye, MØMBD Public Relations Officer , Newsletter Editor, Awards Manager & Librarian
David Priest, MØVID Secretary & Exam Secretary
John Short, G1DJI Treasurer & Membership Secretary
George Smart, M1GEO Technical Manager