Fieldday Form

Lambourne End Field Weekend – 26th to 28th July 2024

This is the field day attendance form for Lambourne End on 26th to 28th July 2024. It shouldn’t take more than a minute to fill out.

In order to make sure that the field day is a success, we have a few house rules to make everyone attending aware of. To help us plan things better there are some questions to gauge what people would like to do. We also need to make sure that we have enough space for people to camp.

All data is stored only for the purposes of organising the field day and is removed as soon as no longer required.

How to find us

The event will be held at the Lambourne End Centre for Outdoor Learning. Entrance to the field is via a secluded farm gate just to the north of the main entrance on Manor Road, RM4 1NB. Google Maps link here – this is the gate to enter via.

W3W: ///

NGR: TQ 48156 94836

About you

Please provide a combination of name and callsign you think is unique. We won’t use your email address for anything other than related to this field day.

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House rules

We want this field weekend to be a success, and to help us achieve this for everyone we have to have a few house rules. These are based on previous experience and what we have found works well:

  • If you intend to set up on Friday, please do not arrive before 16:00.
  • On arrival, please make yourself known to a member of the committee and settle your dues. Our contact details are on the next page. This is especially important if you don’t know us. We need to know who is on site and what you are planning to do over the field weekend. The site is a commercial site and we are there as guests of the commercial operation. People are expected to behave suitably.
  • Participation it is on the basis of non-interference to others. Bandpass Filters are mandatory for any transmitters, and act as your token to use a band. The non-interference policy is not limited to radios: it also covers mobile-phone chargers, generators, inverters, solar panels, etc. It’s not fair to cause noise, especially to the detriment of others!
  • You may use your own callsign if you wish, or you can use the club callsigns, subject to licence conditions. You must operate within licence conditions at all times. If you use the club callsign (G4ONP) on your own equipment, you will be expected to provide an accurate and complete log file in ADIF format to Richard G4DDP in a timely manner after the event.
  • There will be plenty of opportunities to use beams, amps, etc., and operate on the club station. These stations will computer log using N1MM Logger+ (free and easy to use). The equipment is club owned for all to use, so please treat things with respect.
  • Safety is of paramount importance. Ask for help if you need it. If you notice something that is not safe, please tell a member of the committee.
  • By attending, you agree to pay the site charge of £3.00 per person per day or part thereof, or; a charge of £7.00 per person per night if camping. This is outside of LEFARS control and not negotiable.

Attendance & Camping

Please tick when you expect to be around. Just so we have a rough idea of numbers. A non-negotiable charge of £3.00 per person per day or part thereof is payable on arrival. If you are camping, this charge is £7.00 per person per night. There are plumbed toilets available 24/7, but they may be a walk away. There is water on site.

People will start to gather on site Friday evening (not before 4pm) and depart Sunday afternoon (6pm).

Morning Afternoon Evening Camping


David, M0VID has negotiated the use of the site’s firepit and is subsequently offering sausages, mash and onions cooked on the camp fire on Saturday evening. The cost for this is expected to be £5.00 per person (subject to confirmation at the time of eating!). You will need to bring your own plate and cutlery.

<– Please tick here if you would like food on Saturday evening

Anything we’ve forgotten?

Below you can enter anything else we may have forgotten.

Friendly reminder: You will need to bring a chair & a drink mug/cup. You will also need to bring your own plate and cutlery if you are eating on Saturday evening.

<– Please tick here to confirm you have read and accept the house rules

For field day related questions, please email 📧