By | 12 May 2021

Aimed primarily at those amongst us who are new to the hobby the `AskLefars` scheme is set up to answer your radio-related questions by Email.  Whether it’s a `how do I do this? ` or a `what does that mean` or simply an `I don’t understand this bit` question just send an Email to and our team of instructors will answer your question by Email.  The question and its answer will be added to a list of FAQs`s on our website.

Once a month there will be a Zoom meeting where questions will be answered in more depth with a more detailed explanation.

We will endeavour to answer your AskLefars email questions in a timely manner but if you feel you would like a more personal service with access to the full range of services that LEFARS membership provides then the Secretary would be happy to provide details, contact via This costs £15 per year and provides you with access to physical club meetings, fortnightly Zoom virtual meetings, invitations to external Field Events, general technical support and more.