Lambourne End Field Weekend GB2LRS 18-19 September 2021

By | 21 September 2021

The final LEFARS field weekend of 2021 was held on 18th and 19th September at Lambourne End Centre for Outdoor Learning, Lambourne End. Only a mile from our recently re-opened  QTH at All Saints House, a large field was once again made available for our exclusive use. Amenities included washing, shower and toilet facilities plus the use of a fire pit. It was a chance to relax, enjoy the autumnal weather (more of that later) and indulge in a spot of camping with some radio thrown in. What’s not to like ? 🙂

Setup started on Friday afternoon with John G0VEH and David M0VID bringing  the trailer mast and trailer load of LEFARS equipment respectively.  The two Oakwell operating tents for HF and VHF were set up and the shelter for catering and relaxing.  Several of the regular campers arrived on site including :  Ron G6LTT & Karen,  Derek M0XDC & Sharon with their tents.  Later Chris G8OCV and George M1GEO.  Some caravans also turned up – Kerry M6WHT & xyl and later David M0VID and Pam. All stayed over until Sunday.   Merlin M0MFX arrived on Saturday as did Ion M0JLI who used a handy marquee as a side shelter (photo below).

Ion M0JLI with extended shelter. HF station inside the van.

John G8DZH in the catering shelter. Coffee machine courtesy of George M1GEO, 2kVa gennie nearby.

The Club’s HF and VHF stations were provided and operations was on 80m, 40m 20m  SSB and 2m FM.  HF band conditions were poor with only a few USA stations heard on the 20m beam. Richard G4DDP worked DL7BC/P, a SOTA station in the Black Forest on 40m using the 80m / 40m trapped dipole in a inverted V configuration. This wasn’t so successful on 80m though.  A few other European stations were worked on40m and also with the 20m beam.

On VHF, main operator was John G8DZH, several club members called in. One from Lambourne End was a very strong signal :-). Special event stations included GB2CAV (HMS Cavalier) albeit not on board at Chatham.

Richard G4DPP operating the HF Station

20m beam on its 12m mast.

John G0VEH in the HF tent

Sausage and Mash Night

Perhaps the highlight was the Sausage and Mash meal cooked on a roaring wood fire with chefs Merlin M0MFX and David M0VID practising their bushcraft skills on Saturday evening to feed  18 members.  Ingredients included :

  • 54 Welsh Dragon sausages (special order from Green’s Butchers, Theydon Bois
  • 5kg spuds (peeled by Merlin M0MFX)
  • 15 onions
  • 500g butter
  • rapeseed oil
  • black pepper
  • 10 litre kettle

Merlin M0MFX checks the onions

David M0VID monitors the sausages

Nearly ready for mashing, milk, butter, black pepper on standby.

Modeled on a WW1 Stielhandgranate, Merlin M0MFX’s potato masher in the hands of David M0VID

Member’s pitches

Around the perimeter of the large field, member’s had pitched up and enjoyed a weekend of not doing a lot. Below some photos taken over the weekend.

Merlin M0MFX worked a few stations on 17m using his vertical antenna and radials.

A view of M0MFX’s tent and the 17m vertical in the foreground.

Standing is James 2E0JBU (not sure why his hands are raised). Seated (L to R) Dave M0YOL, George M1GEO and Chris G8OCV.

David M0VID and Pam’s caravan.

Kerry M6WHT adjust the awning of his caravan

Derek M0XDC and Sharon chose a quiet corner…..

…alongside Ron G6LTT and Karen (not shown is the separate catering tent)


One again it rained heavily when packing up.  The rain started at 13:50 on Sunday afternoon but it had been anticipated.

Dismantling the Cushcraft A3S in the rain.

The relaxing weekend was enjoyed by all those who attended.


John Ray G8DZH

[Photo Credit: John G8DZH, John G0VEH, Chris G8OCV]

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