International Marconi Day 23 April 2022

By | 20 June 2022

LEFARS took the opportunity to use the club’s main G4ONP callsign to participate in International Marconi Day  on 23rd April.  Operating from a portable location in Essex, members of the LEFARS Portable group used a 40m doublet on 40m and 20m HF  with the club’s Icom IC-7300. On VHF, an IC-7000 provided 50W on FM to a X-300 at 20′ above ground level.  Also SSB with a 10 ele X/Y  Tonna Yagi and pre-amp, more of which later.

John G0VEH started 40m operations on SSB, initially with long skip. conditions were difficult, with reasonably high noise level, but improved later in the day.  Not that many IMD stations, 16 in all,  were worked due in part to the long skip.  Conditions seemed quiet. Dick G4DDP also operated on 40m SSB.

At 12:15 Fred  G3SVK arrived with his morse key and computer for a stint at CW and 20m.

George M1GEO went on 2m SSB but the  2m Yagi pre-amp failed with unexpected RF input, working Sam G4DDK in Suffolk.  John G8DZH worked 11 fairly local stations on 2m FM.  Enzo M0KTZ took over the late afternoon HF shift on CW, finishing at 18:00.

Summary of IMD stations worked on HF (report from LEFARS QSL Manager Richard G4DDP)
We worked 62 stations in total on 2m, 40m and 20m. Fred G3SVK worked 18 CW stations on 20m & 40m and Enzo M0KTZ worked 12 CW stations on 40m and finally 2 stations worked on FT8 on 40m.

G2NM         Amberley Museum, West Sussex
GB0NFF     Somerset Radio Club  callsign commemorates  American Marconi Station NFF in Somerset County New Jersey USA in 1918.
GB4WMD    Isles of Wight RS, Alum Bay, Isles of Wight, UK
GB4IMD      Cornwall and organisers of the event
GX0MWT   BAE Systems at Chelmsford
GB5LT         Luttrells Tower Hampshire Marconi workshop and home 1911
GB2LO        Borough Hill Daventry TX station
EI0MRG      Marconi Experimenters Club , based in the Marconi Room, Cellcom Ireland Ltd. In Galway
IY0IMD        Operated from Forte Michelangelo, in Civitavecchia near Rome, an historic Guglielmo Marconi’s experiment place
GB2IMD      Callsign used by the Dragon Amateur Radio Club during the International Marconi Day event each year. We operate from the site of the old Long Wave Transmitting Station at Waunfawr on the hillside above Caernarfon in North West Wales. The station here at Waunfawr Caernarfon was originally built to send commercial traffic to New Brunswick in the USA and was completed in March 1914.
GB0IMD      Brean Down. In 1897 Guglielmo Marconi demonstrated wireless communication between Lavernock Point in South Wales and Flatholm Island in the Bristol Channel and then to Brean Down near Weston Super Mare.
GB2GM      GB2GM will be on the air to commemorate the 118th anniversary of Marconi sending the first transatlantic message from the USA to Europe (UK) on January 18, 1903. This message was sent from Marconi’s South Wellfleet, MA USA Wireless Station and received at his Poldhu Station, UK.
GB0MGY     MGY was the callsign of the RMS Titanic and operated by 2 Marconi radio officers     
GB2SJ        Souter Lighthouse stands on the cliffs between the rivers Tyne and Wear on the north east coast of England, it is the venue used by South Tyneside Amateur Radio Society and has been granted the permanent callsign GB2SJ ( the SJ being the original beacon transmission from the lighthouse`s Marconi equipment )
GB0CMS     Caister Marconi Station, Norfolk
GB8MD        Marconi Receiving site at Tywyn, Gwynedd

Non IMD stations
GB0WYT        The Special Event Station is located inside Royal Air Force Wyton, Cambridgeshire for the RAFARS (Royal Air Force Amateur Radio Society) -‘Airfields On The Air’
GB8UKR         Lisburn City, Co Antrim Ukraine support station
GX4WAB        WAB Club station in Hornchurch
GB1AVR         GB1AVR is operated by members of Pontefract and District Amateur Radio Society. The callsign stands for Ackworth Vintage (Vehicle) Rally.


Fred G3SVK operating

HF Station for IMD

(L to R) Richard G4DDP and John G0VEH

George M1GEO at the VHF station.

Enzo M0KTZ using his morse key.

G4ONP/P Operators
Fred G3SVK operated on 20m CW whilst Enzo M0KTZ operated on 40m CW
Operation on 40m CW and SSB, 20m CW and SSB and 2m FM and SSB


John G8DZH