Qualifying for an award

To qualify for the Epping Forest “Beech Award”, applicants need to accumulate at least 20 points by working a combination of any of the callsigns listed on the left. If your callsign is in our logs, you can claim points.   5 points are awarded for working a LEFARS Special Event “GB” callsign. Points may… Read More »

A Brief History of LEFARS

  A Brief History of LADARS / LEFARS Loughton & District Radio Society was formed in 1962 with the inaugural meeting on 27th April, at 75 Roundmead Avenue, QTH of the now late, world-renowned DXer, John Kay G3AAE.  John gave a talk at this meeting entitled “Working Those Difficult Stations”, and according to a 1986… Read More »

Club Meetings

There is a weekly Zoom meeting (for members and invited guests) to keep in touch, held every Friday at 8 pm. Please contact the Hon. Secretary, David Priest on 07850 120180 or at secretary@lefars.org.uk to be added to the invite list. No face to face meetings until further notice. We are planning events for later in the year, these… Read More »

LEFARS Award Scheme

Check your Logbooks If you have worked any LEFARS callsign since 1st January 2000, you may qualify for one or more of our all-new Epping Forest awards. Design and production of the award certificates will be completed by the end of the year, and the first will ship from January 2007. The Epping Forest award… Read More »

Training with LEFARS

Merlin M0MFX is planning to do a series of Webinar presentations with Q&A on Ham Radio basics. These are designed to help recent foundation pass candidates advance their knowledge in a Covid safe environment. Register your interest now! training@lefars.org.uk

Meet the Committee

2020/21 Committee Richard Clark, G4DDP; David Cutts, MØTAZ; Merlin Fox, MØMFX; Dave De La Haye, MØMBD; David Priest, MØVID; John Short, G1DJI; George Smart, M1GEO. The AGM finished at 20:12. Update 16th November 2020. A Zoom committee meeting was held on 16th November to determine roles for the new committee. Richard Clark, G4DDP Chairman, QSL… Read More »