Aimed primarily at those amongst us who are new to the hobby the `AskLefars` scheme is set up to answer your radio-related questions by Email.  Whether it’s a `how do I do this? ` or a `what does that mean` or simply an `I don’t understand this bit` question just send an Email to… Read More »

Top HF Propagation Questions by Steve Nichols G0KYA

During the club meeting on the 29th January, we intend to show a talk taken from the RSGB library and given by Steve entitled `Top HF Propagation questions and some possible answers`. The meeting will start ten minutes earlier than usual so that the talk can start promptly at 2000. We will be joined by… Read More »

Get Licensed

Prior to the pandemic, LEFARS provided classroom-based training for the foundation and intermediate exams. Our club venue, All Saint’s Church Hall, provided a classroom and an examination hall. By January 2020 we had hosted our 43 rd Foundation course and exam and our last Intermediate course and exam took place in March 2020. LEFARS also… Read More »

Training News

Latest Training News… . Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update   Foundation Licence Intermediate Licence Advanced Licence 1st September 2020. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and continuing closure of our base at All Saints House, all training and exams have had to be cancelled until further notice. Further details are below. 4th September 2020. For the latest information… Read More »

QSL and Logbooks

LEFARS QSL and Logbooks About two years ago Marc Litchman G0TOC ( Silent Key ) approached me to take over running the club’s logbooks and be the QSL manager as his illness at that time made it difficult for him to do. The QSL and logging system at the that time utilised hand written paper… Read More »

Factual Articles

Factual Articles…  What Did You Do in the Cold War Daddy? by John Crabbe, G3WFM (0.4Mb) LEFARS Newsletter Award 2009/10 Winner “Best Factual Article”  Water Under the Bridge by John Mulye, GØVEH (0.3Mb) LEFARS Newsletter Award 2009/10 Runner-up “Best Factual Article”  From our Cretan Correspondent by Dick Whittering, SVØXBN/9 (0.4Mb) LEFARS Newsletter Award 2009/10 Runner-up “Best Factual Article”… Read More »

Technical Articles

Technical Articles…  Home-Brewing NUE-PSK Digital Modem A Build Report by Mike Josi, KC2QPO / MØHSX (0.5Mb) LEFARS Newsletter Award 2009/10 Winner “Best Technical Article”  The Beginner: The First Six Months by Colin Butcher, M6RHB / 2EØRHB (0.3Mb) LEFARS Newsletter Award 2009/10 Runner-up “Best Technical Article”  Ham Radio (PSK) Deluxe and HRD Logger Another “Tell-It-As-It-Really-Is” Review by Dick… Read More »

Practical Guides

Practical Guides…  Portability Revisited by John Mulye, GØVEH (0.9Mb) Travelogues…  A Guide for the Virgin SOTA Activator Activating Skiddaw LD-004 at 931metres / 3,054ft by Dave Cutts, MØTAZ and John Parfrey, MØUKD (0.6Mb) LEFARS Newsletter Award 2009/10 Winner “Best Travelogue”  Friedrichshafen 2008 by Train by John Crabbe, G3WFM (0.4Mb) LEFARS Newsletter Award 2008 Winner “Best Travelogue”  Summer Visit… Read More »

Applying for an award

Send a log extract listing the Callsign(SWL’s must include both callsigns), Date, & Time of each QSO that you are claiming points for, to the following email: Include within your claim, your Name and/or Callsign, as you would like it to appear on your certificate, and your postal and e-mail address, or telephone number. Log extracts may be… Read More »